Thursday, October 19, 2006

Three Cheers!

Hurrah for me.

Notice all the striked off deadlines? free(temporarily)!

The sucky part is that i have to sit for exams in 2 weeks time.

In the midst of Eid.


And guess who's HOME!?


We had a chartered bus to pick us all up from campus. And straight into singapore.

And the bus was brand new!

Wonderful ain't it?

But early this morning when the bus pulled into the Johor checkpoint, i'd just woken up.

I was a bit blur like sotong.

So i grabbed what i thought was my passport and lo and behold, when i walked up the escalator,

-Yes pple, we had to walk up the escalator cos it wasn't working-

I noticed that i wasn't holding my passport but my WALLET.

I felt like a BADUT i.e. clown

Ran back to the bus which fortunately had not driven off yet. Thank God.

So yes, early in the morning at 4am i was behaving like a clown.

But im safely home.

With laptop, books, papers, baju raya, kasut raya all in tow.

Looks like we'll be Raya-ing with the haze next week.

Well then. I'll be off.

Ramadhan Mubarak...watever's left of it. Enjoy the last bits of Ramadhan while you can cos you never know when it's your last.