Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Irked. With a Capital 'I'.

I know i shouldn't.

Why should i in the first place?

I guess 'cos i'm really hurt.

In case no one noticed the long deadlines
-granted that those were only for the month of september & october-

I have truly been busy.

And if i wasn't, i was tired.

Really tired.

I think the people that saw me the most were my room-mates,

-who i am truly grateful for cos they kept me sane-

and my BENL classmates.

And it really doesn't help when you live in seclusion on top of a hill.

And the rest are all staying close together.

I still don't understand why I have to explain myself.

Why am i taking offence then?

I guess i just want to appease myself.

So much for wanting to prove to my parents that i can balance my love life with school work.


But im glad everything worked out the way i wanted it to.

Now i'll just have to get the grades for Finals.

And possibly make the Dean's list this semester?


Allah is Most Gracious & Most Merciful