Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BoldLicensed to...Drive!

About 2 weeks ago i took my driving test and i PASSED!

I am thankful i had a fierce instructor who only demanded my best performance every time i went for a driving lesson at B*ukit B*atok driving center.

Every lesson was a test and he never said much unless i made errors and how i should correct them.

And for that i am grateful to Mr. L*um!

I've been driving frequently especially since my parents have been away for Haj.

And today i drove all the way to O*rchard Rd with my sister (no supervision!)

and successfully parked at F*ar East Plaza.

Its a mean feat for me personally.

And i'm glad i've been able to do it!

And today i went shopping.

Was meant to do some top secret shopping but...


Ended up buying...

2 tops at M.ango and 2 books from B*orders today and a watch.
(Time Travellers Wife i bought yesterday, which makes it THREE books in 2 days!)

One of the books being this 2006 Nobel Literature Prize winner, O*rhan P*amuk (Turkey)

Titled The Museum of Innocence (translated by M*aureen Freely).

And another book by W*endy Wallace, Daughters of Dust.

Going to read it ASAP!

Will update on my best friend's wedding soon!


The Makeup Junkie.


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