Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy 42nd Birthday!

I miss you guys!

U know who you are! :D

I think its all the reminiscing of all the National Day's that i've missed over the past 3 years.

I still remember the Home Away From Home program we had during my time as EXCO.

That gorgeous cake. :D

Suli, stay tough okay? If i can go through a lot of heartache and pain the last sem, im pretty confident that u can make it through with flying colours too.

Take a look at this site. I'm somewhere in the front row.

On another note, I love my AI peeps too!

You guys still rock my socks lah!

Thanks Sree for sending me all the way back to my block, i was absolutely touched!

It still goes to show that there are still nice guys around.

And also to my dear Aisyah Spec, CONGRATS! I'm so happy for u!

Salam manis to all my friends at KL...another 2 weeks to go till i see u all.