Friday, September 16, 2005

The stars were all aligned in a pretty row...

Yesterday saw me going out wif taufiq (at last!) after about 3 cancellations and rain checks...but it was well worth it! *pastes a silly grin on my face*

We had made plans the night before and as i waited, and waited and waited and waited most of my afternoon for mr chua's call to confirm our no avail. I was almost willing the phone to ring hehehe...

Finally mr no-show did call only at 5.20pm. After making panicked plans i decided to meet him at plaza singapura so that we could catch Brothers Grimm the 6.50pm show. By the time i boarded the train it was already 6.30pm and there was no way that we were going to make it.

So we just decided on eating at Liang Seah St. yummy...

Parking was somehow easy to hassle...which was gd! Considering cirque du soleil were performing nearby. After dinner, we hurriedly made the decision to go catch Cinderella Man at Great World Plaza at 9.15pm.

The moment we got into the cinema to get tickets, this malay lady frm hsbc approached us and gave us FREE tix to watch the movie heheheh...apparently hsbc was having some movie screening for members and some people were unable to make it. So we basically saved $19! Hehehe....dpt makan free lagi you!

I was so happy and so was mr chua...*smiles*. He said it must have been me bringing all the gd fortune khrkrhkrhkrh...

Even the movie wasn't a disappointment! (although i don't really fancy russell crowe cos somehow his acting stinks in most of his movies lah, then again i'm partial to other actors). Its probably one of the best roles his taken on. I still think he stank up Gladiator.

He was extremely brilliant in portraying the character of James J. Braddock, complete wif the 'Nuuu York' accent. Plotwise, its nothing you've never seen before. Basically its all about overcoming the odds especially in the wake of the Depression (movie was set in 1930s).

Like the title says, its a cinderella story. Making a comeback and all that. But i'll leave you all to watch the movie yourselves k? Won't want to spoil it for you. And i really urge you to watch it!

Ratings: 4/5

And you'll never go wrong with Renee Zelwegger as a member of the cast. Watch out for next year's Oscars. They'll be a contender for sure!