Thursday, September 15, 2005

Where has everyone else gone?

Back to KL i suppose. Leaving me here all alone to fend for myself (takderrrlah sangat!)

I simply can't stand it anymore. Everybody else's problems end up becoming my problem.Why?

'Cos some people (aka "A") like to piss the hell out of another person (aka "B") and then "B" takes it out on me.I'm pretty pissed about that.

And then its when someone else's responsibility becomes mine because they simply don't feel like doing it.

" What? The whole world revolves around you issit!?"

And then the best part is, when that person doesn't do it then i automatically become the person to do it. It really annoys me. I hardly get thanks for anything. Irks the hell out of me.

And of course there's exhibit "C" who (also like "A") likes to make me lose my temper.

And if next week, anyone wants to take a shot at me better be wary cos I'll just take the crap outta you!

And really,i can't see why/how anyone is going to get into the pool. Trust me on that.