Monday, September 26, 2005

Lectures, classes & more assignments...

Its the final lap to this semester. I have roughly about 3 weeks (or probably even less) before my exams hit me like a type 4 hurricane.

Slides for next presentation are all ready. I managed to finish it all up by last night. In an hour. Immediately after i came back from my evening tuition class. I also have no idea how i managed to pull it off so fast. I guess i work under pressure better than i expected.

2 more pending assignments and 2 more presentations PLUS 2 tests, The dreaded number two again.

Tonight is the dreaded futsal match between the Singaporean Students Assocn. against the Brunei, Thailand and Indonesian student societies. I am a wreck. The Indonesian gerls are combining with some other International students and that's what's worrying me to the max. There is no second keeper. That means that I'm the only keeper throughout the 2 matches. I am so not looking forward to it.

Other things aside, me and xxxxxx are getting on pretty well. I was surprised when he wanted to go out with my friends during our annual jalan raya. Still baffled. Or am i the one getting ahead of myself. I really don't want to get myself worked up for something that might not happen. Really. I've had to much to deal with this semester lah. Cannot tahan oredi. I will turn into a basket case after this semester i tell you.

There is this tiny glimer hope still burning for xxxxxx. Would love it to see it go somewhere. But i doubt he'd end up anywhere near the pool though.

Oh, and did i mention i managed to register for my classes next semester VERY successfully? Alhamdullillah! I was really worked up on the fact that i might not have gotten the classes i wanted on Plan A. But everything worked out! Pretty pleased with myself! So gerls, you guys have me on fridays again! Hehehehe....i still managed to evade friday classes and start in the afternoon for my monday and wednesday classes. So happy about that!

Looking back at this semester, i'd say it would have to be one of the most challenging semesters i've had academically, socially, as well as mentally. I think i've written in my diary more than i have in the last few semesters combined. I might also be tempted to go see my guidance counsellor if i can't take the pressures. But the healthy relationship i have with Allah has definitely helped me a lot.

Which brings me to the coming month of Ramadhan! I can't wait! Although most of it will be spent sitting for the exams. But i know that i will manage. InsyaAllah. Really looking forward to performing the terawih with my sch peeps! And it sure is gonna be sad since Kak CT isn't at IIU anymore. *really miss you!*

And lets hope xxxxxx asks me out to iftar with him! Khrkhrkhrkhr