Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tag! You're It!

Now I know that I have not been tagged but I have always wanted to do this beauty blogging.

I know I am uber-obsessed with makeup and beauty products since i was 18.

So i just wanted to share and find out about YOUR items in your beauty bag/toiletry bag that some of you may carry in your handbag everyday.

So let me start the ball rolling =)

So the bag that i carry is a knockoff Agnes B little pouch given to me by Azimah of my Green Chicks brigade.

Its small but it carries so much. Too much sometimes. ;p

Neway lets take a look inside :
I have a MAC studiofix powder in NC40 for touchups.
Then of course i have a blush as well, frm MAC too in the shade DAME. This is in a satin finish.
I have (and let me tell you i dont knw WHY) SEVEN lip products in my bag.
I have Lancome's L'Absolu Rouge lipstick in shade 278 (today's choice)
Then i have my bright red lipstick frm sleek makeup in stiletto, a great matte colour. I also hv Stage makeup's lipstick in Heidi, Maybelline's pure Watershine lipstick in shade B23.

The other 3 products are a lip balm frm Kiehls, Sleek's pout polish in powder pink and a Revlon Superlustrous lip gloss in nude lustre number 040.

I have a liquid liner frm Sephora. Felt tipped. An avon BLACK liner and a retractable blush brush frm sephora too.

Essentials! Blotting paper frm Gatsby and also pantiliners for obvious reasons! Hehe.

Well if u have any qns rgdg the products i mentioned, do let me know!

Get crackin' pple! Tell me what YOU have in your makeup bag :)