Thursday, September 02, 2010


Still am but it is slowly coming to a simmer.

Learning to come to terms with this blow.

Liars and cheats are people that I despise most in this world.

I pray that Allah will deal with those in question justly.

And may I be granted more patience and tolerance.

So that I may weather such storms with grace.


Thank you Allah for great friends.

For without them, I would never have been able to weather through this storm.

*Praying for a miracle that will lift my spirits this Eid*

I am NOT looking forward to Eid.

Or balik kampung.

I havent bought my sampul, havent changed my notes, havent picked up my baju raya.

Havent this, havent that.

So many have nots.

So not interested in gg jalan raya at all.

With TF or with my green chicks.

or even with my family.

Raya 2010. You officially suck.

Ramadhan 2010, the most testing ive had so far.