Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How's It Been?

Three days into the teaching service and how has it been?

Minus monday and tuesday, it has been pretty slow.

I have already been assigned TWO GP classes of first year students to teach.

And alhamdullillah, the students have been kind to me.

No signs of being bullied YET!


Neway, my kids are nice kids.

Struggling (just like i was once before in that VERY same school) and desperately trying to get their head above the water.

Judging from the scripts that i'm currently marking (yes i have TWO piles of GP marking to do ALREADY), some have problems in getting their point across.

But that's where i come in anyway right?

Today marked my first day of Teaching Prepatory Program (TPP) at Teacher's Network.

And i have been truly blessed to get such a dynamic fascilitator.

Thanks Miss P!

*so much for my colleague putting a damper on things the day before :p*

Tomorrow is another exciting day of training!

Can't wait to go to class tomorrow!!!!