Monday, July 28, 2008

Kg. Glam & The Babes (plus Awis!)

After marking 40 over GP scripts, i decided to take a break and regain my sanity by going out earlier yesterday evening.

-marking my class scripts definitely put me into a fit of giggles and hysteria most of the time haha-

Yes, there were stories about Spiderman and one verrryyy hungry student.

*Mental note: Must remind my kids to take their b'fast before going for test/exam*

That aside, I made my way to Arab St. (twice this month!) to meet the girls and Awis.

Our special surprise celebration to commemorate Seri's 25th Belated B'day went off without a hitch.

She was all smiles and I'm glad we could make her happy with our small token :D

Of course, when we get together its impossible NOT to take pics, and

this time we went to the LoveGetty/Neoprint store in Bugis Junction to snap away!

-pic courtesy of Sue Lee-

Haha, that was a RIOT!

Actually, the one that made us laugh the most was Kak Dewi with her most unforgettable experience in her 7 month teaching career.

Thank YOU Kak Dewi for entertaining us!!! *hahahahahahahahahahaha*

To those that were there there, paham² ajelah eh hehehe. *Story cannot be reprinted!*

Neway THANKS girls for relieving my harassed brain. Ahakz.

Love ya lots!