Monday, August 04, 2008

I'll Make This Quick...

I am tired!

Tired of marking all those scripts!

But alhamdullillah, a busy person marks a person who is employed.

*Must not forget to give Thanks*

This friday i will be looking forward to the National Day Observance cum College Day cum Sports Day.


Its 3-in-1 like Nescafe coffee.


A full day of activities means a day of NO CLASSES!!!


Next week pay liao!


Ok..i have to go back to looking at PW scripts and doing up a slide for my "children"

*bear in mind i have a 17 yr old brother the same age as my students, not exactly a kid*

Yeay today i actually teach ok!

Figurative Language (Irony & Analogy)

No more fried chicken----> remember that story guys? Hahaha...

Ok toodles!