Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Deed is Done.

Before i leave for KL tomorrow, i have to clear all outstanding work.

Inclusive of my OBSERVATION!

It happened today at 10.40am.

I was a nervous wreck.

*i shldn't have felt that nervous. i was as prepared as i could be, but yet the nerves got to me*

i had lesson all planned out

For analogy i used, D*ianah S*uhaimi's article (10.8.08) on "B*eing the L*east F*avourite C*hild"

Which i thought was pretty apt for classroom work as well as complying to their request of wanting a "controversial" topic haha.

If you have no idea what i'm talking about. Read the article here.

I also had interesting examples of irony and simple enough for them to understand the topic.

All in all, i thought it turned out pretty well despite the classroom hiccups that were posed earlier on in the period.

So what were the comments that were given to me?


I have to wait till tomorrow before i can get my review.

This is what has been bugging me the most since i got my contract teaching posting.

The observation bit.

Cos its a BIG component in determining whether i enter N*IE next yr or not.

Hopefully i get a gd work review.

Right now im down with the sniffles.

Must get better before heading down to KL tomorrow!

I'm gg home immediately today. No hanging around in sch.

And its POUUUURRRIIIIINNNNNNGGGG cats and dogs in yishun by the way!

Nothing like a good nap in the cold weather.