Sunday, August 31, 2008


Typing this entry on my brand new laptop!

Although i really hate (ok maybe not really hate but dislike) using V*ista but got no choice.


I'm now using N*E*C.

Well according to my brother, its the best brand in Japan.

But before i could come to a decision (in the veryyy, veryyy, packed COMEX), I had to look and fish around for the best bargains.

It was a toss-up between A*sus and T*oshiba and N*EC

Almost got the A*sus but it was HEAVYYYY!

And i'm not talking abt the E*E pc. Because it was too basic for my liking and had no cd/dvd drive.

What i was really looking for was portability.

Cos i really enjoyed bringing my light F*ujitsu.

Something that i really appreciate is the weight of a laptop.

Having to lug my super-heavy laptop in university was NOT fun at all!

I remember being the only one with a laptop in the early days and lugging it from Mahallah S*umayyah to H*alimah to watch DVD with the gerls.

Thankfully my very faithful and reliable F*ujitsu stepped in.

And after working really hard, and giving up a few times, it was time for a change.

And so far im loving it.

If only i knew how to change the date on this laptop.