Monday, September 01, 2008

Ramadhan Mubarak & Happy Teacher's Day!

Alhamdullillah, I get to witness another Ramadhan.

Though this is the 2nd yr that i'm spending it in Singapore, i still miss fasting in UIA.

Even during the exam period.

So i just want to take this opportunity to wish one and all Ramadhan Mubarak and seek your forgiveness if i have hurt u in any way.

Please accept my sincere apology.

This year is another memorable Ramadhan.

Because it has fallen on Teacher's Day!

My very first teacher's day! :D

Though i did not receive heaps of flowers, I still enjoyed my teacher's day celebration last Friday.

The school brought us for lunch at Roxy Hotel just opposite Parkway Parade and then made our way to the Singapore Flyer!


*If you were to ask me to go to the Singapore F*lyer with my own money i would have to pass*

An exorbitant amt for a 30min ride.

Even though the landscape was

dotted with cranes and earth being dug up,

and roads being laid.

It was fun nonetheless.

And i got to meet the BF last Friday!

After a month and 20 days or so.

It was just a short meetup to pass my F*ujitsu laptop to him.

Had coffee and just walked around for a while.

He had to rush off for another mosque meeting while i was DEAD tired already.

So i cabbed it all the way home.

*Been cabbing almost everywhere lately! The pockets are feeling the PINCH!*

Hope you enjoyed the pics. Will update more when i have the time!

I am bogged down with MARKING. Wat's new? That's the life of a teacher. haha.

Have a gd first iftar today everyone!