Monday, September 22, 2008


To my lovely girlfrens, thanks for the iftar session yesterday (even though it was kinda last minute!)

Truly appreciate it!

All manner of topics came in fast and furious.

Not surprising since many of us were quite deprived of such wonderful quality time like we did back when we were undergraduates.

Loved the shopping and i really love Masjid Sultan and the little enclave of shophouses that always hold a myriad of treasures within.


We were spared from the unsightly things that one would normally be subjected to if we were to go to Geylang.

I'd rather go to a place that isn't "as happening" as some might put it rather than negate my fast.

After the post by Kha, im SOOOO glad that i haven't GONE to geylang.

Before i get myself riled up again, i'd better move on.

Actually right, i havent felt the Raya vibe yet.

My WHOLE household hasn't felt the Raya vibe AT ALL.

Cookies and cakes havent even baked yet! Yikes!!!!

I will definitely miss Ramadhan.

Seems like its going away too fast!

Maybe my house hasn't felt the Raya vibe yet cos we havent gone to Geylang.

Arrghhhh, i really don't want to go, but my brother's and my Dad haven't got their Baju Raya yet.

And moi, i havent got my scarves for my Raya outfits.

Only one tudung for one outift.

Can i just go on a weekday afternoon so i'll be spared the annoying crowd?

Ugh okay, i digress.

Yet again.

What happened over the weekend?

My maternal family gathered again to break our fast together.

That was Saturday, and on Sunday i met up with the Chantique babes for iftar.

Whatever marking i brought home was left silently in the bag.

And now im paying the price.


I was marking and suddenly mr. sandman came attacking me again.

plus, i didn't get any proper sleep last night thanks to my sister, who's being her normal annoying and selfish self.


And now i have 3 more classes to mark, before we go for our first exchange tomorrow.

God help me.

Okay back to the endless scripts.

p/s: did i mention my school is having 2 days off (no lessons) the 2 days after Raya? JC1 Study break! Hahaha LOVELYY!!! Can complete my marking before the 1st Raya weekend :)) And no school on the 6th of October!!!! Yeaayyyyyy! Long weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So how Seri? Overseas Students Raya gathering you can definitely make use of me cos im freeeeeeee! hhehehehe.