Tuesday, September 16, 2008


What is it about the fasting month that completely wipes you out?

I feel completely DRAINED.

And i have a REAAALLLY hard time getting up in the morning.

Aside from that everything else is good.

Though waiting for classes really isn't (3.10pm class only today arrggh!)

Yesterday was quite a long and drawn out day as well.

It was the first exam paper for all the JC1's, GP.

Invigilating is a chore.

And being on your feet for an hour is just WRONG!

*I can't imagine pple working in the sales line*

After collecting back all the scripts, we had to spend nearly two hours trying to account for all the scripts.

Double counting, forgetting to factor in the standardisation papers and even papers being uncounted were some of the problems faced.

Besides that, everything else was fine.

Managed to even come home early yesterday (4pm) and promptly fell into a deep slumber till 6pm.

Then after spending some time marking and surfing the net, went to bed and was awakened at 2.15am for sahur.

My mother who must have awoken, thinking it was 4-ish, proceeded to wake everyone up.

I had to FORCE myself to fill my stomach in case i'd have another bout of gastric pain the next day.

I had to do that with eyes half-lidded.

Going BACK to sleep then became a problem.

And then waking up for school became an even larger problem.

Luckily i didn't sleep through my alarm.

I really need to get a new phone.

The current one i have has been dying intermittently and hanging.

Right now, im having a PDA fetish.

With this baby, who wouldn't?

Have a great day ahead!