Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Irked and Seething.

I am completely, utterly, DUMBFOUNDED today.

I thought it was bad the day before.

But it was WORSE today!!!!

This being the holy month of Ramadhan, i cant imagine pple NOT taking advantage to do good and bring a little more into their life.

And WHAT did i see today on my way back from school after having to deal with 19 adolescents (who were clearly cranky and irritated cos they had Project Work to think about)???


Can you believe the audacity of these orang tua?

I mean, here i am, even though i am unable to fast, I don't even go around eating publicly.
I practically go without eating the whole day EVEN when im not fasting 'cos there's simply nowhere i can eat in secretly.

Even if i do want to eat, I stash food into my bag making sure not even my brothers know and eating under complete secrecy, at home, in my room, with the curtains closed.

And there are these 2 ADULTS flaunting it.

I was sooo angrrrryyy!!!!!!

In the morning i was reading about all the commendable youths taking part in RYC events and then *BAM!* in the afternoon i see these two goons!

And rest assured, that wasn't the ONLY incident.

There were 2 pakciks who sit at the coffeeshop the whole day (this can be attested cos my sister saw them in the morning and saw them again at the very same place later in the evening) and happily drinking their teh tariks.

I mean COME ON!!!

Even a 5 yr old child who is NOT obligated to fast can go the whole day without food or drink.

So what's their excuse?!



I mean if u got so much free time, go and do some amal ibadah lah!

I am soooo annnooooyyyyed and tiiireeed and irrriiitttaateed right now.

I simply LOATHE and have complete DISGUST for adults like these.

Takde perasaan MALU lagi ke dalam diri sendiri? What will OTHER pple from OTHER religions say?

This is why Muslims end up getting attacked at the end of the day.

People like this make the MAJORITY look bad.


Friends, especially those who have specialised in the realm of da'wah, how do i go about approaching these pple?

I have about half a mind to go up to the vendors and tell them NOT to sell food to these pple.

Suggestions pls!

May all our efforts and prayers this Ramadhan be answered and may Allah have Mercy on us all. Amiin.