Saturday, September 27, 2008


Yesterday, i went for the last iftar out this Ramadhan.

Alhamdullillah, this Ramadhan i've made sure that i broke my fast with all my groups of friends.

The first iftar with my secondary school besties, then the following week with some of my colleagues, the following week with the Chantiques and finally this week, iftar session with Kak D, Kak An and Hasanah :))

What was suposed to be a foursome ended up being just a threesome.

Kak An had some familial matters to attend to.

So it was just me, kak D and hasanah.

Me and the married pple., undoubtedly, we grilled Hasanah about her new working life and of course marriage!

The woman got married three months ago and her INAI/henna is still quite visible!

Especially the ones on her feet!

Since marriage also, she has learned to wear heels!

And mind you, not 2 inch heels ok!

They were at least 3 inches if not 4.

She claimed that she wore them so pple wouldnt accuse her of being too childlike.

She wanted to look more like a married woman she said.

Hehee...the cleaner aunty at her work place was shocked to find out that she was married.

"But you're a child!" she exclaimed.

But really lah, she's still got that post-wedding glow. :))

Kak D is pursuing certification in HR.

Alhamdullillah, she is doing well in her studies too!

So, despite having familial obligations as well as work obligations, she still manages.

She's definitely an inspiration.

Kak D was also surprised to find out that i was teaching in jc.

Hahaha...she thought i was teaching in secondary school!

And this whole time i thought she knew.

I regaled to them the tales of "horror" that i experienced in class the past week.

From verbally warning them and handing them a conduct card (where conduct will affect their promotional exam results)


confiscating a hp.

I was fortunate enough NOT to get punched in the stomach, unlike Aisyah Spec.


sidetrack: that is one EVIL kid, i kid you not!

Yeah, i had to cos while i had asked them to do their work quietly, preparing fo another individual assessment, some were TAKING PICTURES with their hp in class.

*i noticed them doing this at the corner of my eye and promptly exclaimed: GIVE ME THAT HP!*

This was while i was consulting with another group of students at the front of the class.

This is NOT the first incident where i had to confiscate things before.

I had alaso previously confiscated a digital camera.

You must be thinking, "what are these kids trying to do in class?" right?

After repeated warnings, and refusal to listen to me, i just take them away.

Now, another incident like this will warrant them a trip to the VP's office to go get their confiscated item themselves.

I also almost sent a 17-yr old to a naughty corner.

Tempting....very tempting.

So besides 14 piles of marking completed (16 more to go!)

I need to set a timed test for my tutee and bake cookies for Raya.

How? Manageable or not?

If i can bake one batch of cookies, its a MIRACLE!

Ok, now back to printing the exam paper.