Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Has it been a week already!

Time is going much too fast!

I only realised this today cos my students have gotten their intensive MT and PW timetables.

2 weeks of intensive PW lessons to prepare for their oral presentations.

2 weeks starting from NEXT week!

And that will be the end of term after that!

And yes...i am tardy with all the Raya blogging.

-my atok and nenek & all their children-

-we're obviously NOT ready-

No time plus no energy to upload all the pictures.

-now we have a lovely family portrait; minus the gaping mouth my cousin is sporting tht is-

I hope all of you had a lovely Raya.

I know i did.

-me and the twins-

But truth be told, i spent more time trying to affix the false lashes on to my eyes rather than savour all the good food.


-Ustaz Darwis & Ustaz Izhar beserta Cikgu Huda; the early birds-

So pls enjoy whatever measly photos that i've uploaded for you to enjoy.
-Ms Maryam & Cikgu Huda; the checher-checher -

*i swear i love the make-up i have on. Thank You M.A.C!*

-kanak-kanak riang! AND special guest Kak Sarhani & Uthman (duduk di sebelah driver's seat)-

-MY Lovely Ladies-