Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bumbling Idiot Series. Part Deux.

Went to the photocopying machine.

Had to slot in the photocopying card to make the copies.

Took the card out from the card holder around my neck.

Held it out and exclaimed silently in my heart:

Hey, this photocopying card looks Different? Whats new?

*proceeded to slot in the card*

While the card was being slot in (card was halfway in!)...

Started to come to the realization that it was my pass card.

The one that allows me entry into the staffroom and classes.


Card got stuck.

Called to bookshop auntie to ask her to get it out.

Lied to her to feign ignorance and cover up shame

Saying that it was my photocopying card that got swallowed.

Auntie came in (15 mins later...didn't noe that she came in)

Retrieved my card and screamed loudly in mandarin:


Ran up to her (passing a multitude of faces in the staffroom, much to my horror)

And said, "sorry auntie, i put in the wrong card just now"

Needless to say: