Thursday, October 23, 2008


I shall mark this day in my memory forever.


Because today has been the most traumatic day since i started teaching.

Maybe some may share the sentiments that i have.

The frustration. The anger. The perplexing moments that you had to endure.

Not to mention trying to hold back tears.

While you're still in the same room with the kids.

Forgive me Allah for i am only Human.

Please give me the strength to carry out my duty on this earth.


I have been rehearsing with the kids, everyday to prepare for their presentations.

I know some of you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! presentations.

And you would kill for a chance to present.

These adolescents are NOT taking it seriously and today, i confiscated a total of 3 items; all because they were NOT paying attention while their other classmates were presenting.

Items that were confiscated:

1 N*intendo DS Lite.

*this girl had the cheek to play with the NDS even when the classroom is sooo small and she's sitting like 3 seats away from me!*

2 Laptops.

Some of them tried to be distracting to their classmates while they were presenting by putting up some funny photos on a PPT slide and then turn the screen towards the presenter to throw them off.

I just find it EXTREMELY rude to do such a thing!

Thus the confiscation.

And i almost got into a shouting with one of the boys in my class.

*What was i thinking!?*

Seriously, some people mmg PATUT kene JOTOS and JITAK.

I have to admit.

I pick on some students.

But ONLY because they are VERY distracting in class.

They are the same group of people that i confiscated the items from.

This hasn't been the first incidence of confiscation but the 5th or 6th time.

I've confiscated handphones and digicams before too.

And there is a particularly playful, annoying, irritating and not to mention INSOLENT boy in my class who NEVER seems to think he is wrong.

After the confiscation, i proceeded to scold them *in the middle of a transition between one speaker to the next*

I told them they were very rude to be interrupting their classmates like that.

The other 2 girls were silent and remorseful and had their head hung low.

This BOY, can still stare at me summore.

In TOTAL defiance!

And when i singled him out he took offence.

*Like what the?*

I was totally annoyed and miffed.

I told him to leave the class as he was being a distraction for the others and he even retorted back saying:

NO! My parents paid school fees for me to come to school.

So i said fine, just leave the classroom, i didn't tell you to leave the school anyway.

After that i ignored him.

I asked the girl to continue her presentation and he was still gg on about how his parents worked to send him to school *yakkity yakkity yak*

I just ignored him and continued.

Tuhan aje yg tau macam maner i felt at that moment.

I was chewing on my lip and willing myself not to cry after that heated exchange between us.

My eyes glazed with tears but thankfully they didn't fall on the paper and my students didn't realize anything.

This is one incident that i'll remember for the rest of my life.