Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Busiest Time of The Year

Term 4 is certainly the most busiest time for teachers.

I have been soooo dead tired the past few days.

Today is no exception.

I sat in a meeting that lasted like five hours.

To do some standardisation marking and in the later part of the day i had to attend the promotional exercises.

I was extremely tired by the time the clock struck 2pm.

Anyway enough about that.

I have recently become quite disappointed.

Disappointed with how the world works sometimes.

And no im not blaming God.

Its just that its hard to fathom sometimes how the really hardworking people, they are the ones that suffer.

And those that are lazy, highly disruptive and unmotivated are able to scrape through.

Trust me i was just as surprised.

Sometimes you just have to grapple with facts.

And its not pretty.


I wish there were some way where hard work automatically translates to results.

Today, i am glad that there is NO marking!

*dances across the room in glee*

It is TGIF and a marking free weekend!

And i'm so glad that its going to be Friday tomorrow because just like Suli, i can't wait to put on my jeans!

Wearing baju kurung every weekend was getting to be a chore.

I am SOOOO looking forward to waking up late *after subuh* this weekend!

Bak kata suli:

"sleep early, wake up late!"

Because come next week i will be marking 24 reports!

In ONE week!

Oh Allah please help me.