Sunday, October 19, 2008


Dedicated to my two friends di seberang tambak, Syima and Zafirah

May Allah give you strength over the following weeks.

Losing a friend is hard, but losing a parent is so much harder.

I empathise greatly with you both.

As i read Fie's Note on F*acebook, tears started welling in my eyes just as they are now.

The moment i read syima's blog, i started crying silently in the dark.

Sometimes i remind myself of realities.

One day my grandparents whom i love so much will pass on.

And some day my parents will too.

I keep thinking will i ever regain the strength to go on.

To both of you, you are my heroes.

I'm sorry of the loss of your parent.

I may not be there physically but i am there spiritually.

May Allah place them amongst the most Pious. Ameen


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syima said...

oh dear..thanks for this entry..*hugs*