Friday, September 12, 2008

Trying times...

Today has been the MOST challenging and tiring day ever.

One of my cobaan of this fasting month so far.

Today was the collection and submission of all the project work, written reports.

Having 2 classes, i had a total of 8 grps.

The deadline was set at 5.30pm.

But guess what guys?

I was only able to leave school at 8.35pm

Which means i spent like 13 hours in school today.

Enough to cancel out all the times that i got home early.

I've been coming home late this whole week thanks to project work consultations by the way.

Not to mention, i also had an iftar gathering with my PRIMARY school friends where we all arranged to meet at 7pm @ somerset.

Needless to say, i didn't make it.

I broke my fast with a cup of milo and only had a hot meal at 9pm.

And the best part was, my class held me up and Shahidah had to wait an hour and a half before i got to the mrt station.

See the inconsiderateness of these CHILDREN.

5.30pm and still no one from the other class had handed in their work.

They were still EDITING and PRINTING their work.

Then one of the boys in my class had to rush back to his house at AMK to go and print his work cos the printer could not read his work thanks to the new MS O*ffice 2007.

That was at 6.30pm.

Then i told the boy with a loud huff: Just go, im gg to be late ANYWAY (in the MOST sarcastic tone EVER!) and i rolled my eyes.

I was EXTREMELY pissed.

I was hungry, angry and frustrated.

And the best part, they did not even apologize for their tardiness.

And they're 17 year olds.

Not small children.

That really ticked me off.