Friday, September 05, 2008

Cold and Bleary

Have you noticed that the weather's gone all cold?

My toes keep getting wet (from all the rain) and frostbite-like (okay well maybe i exaggerate a little).

I know a certain friend who cherishes this weather *winks*

But its a little tooo cold for my liking.

The past 4 days of fasting have been good.

Managed to read the Quran a bit.

Ramadhan is definitely a gd motivator i must say.

I also broke my fast with my closest friends.

We got our money's worth at S*iam K*itchen's Buffet.

That was definitely lip-smackingly good.

And Azimah's bf made a special appearance.

Hafiz was glad hehe cos he's always been the only guy around.

So welcome aboard Almie =D

3 more dates with friends for iftar and it seems to look like its all gonna be buffet.

Is that a theme this yr?

*Carousel, Sakura, Hjh Maimunah* Yumm.

I solemnly swear that i'm DEFINITELY up to no good haha.

Anyway, today was a total rest day for me.

*Don't know whether yesterday wld count as one also *snigger*

But i've had the ultimate luxury of waking up late after morning prayers.

Getting a little too used to this.

I'm definitely going to suffer next week.

But i pray that i won't have to suffer so much.

Especially since the kids are going to have their exams soon.

I'm dreading marking another whole pile of illegible GP essays...HELP!

Today i managed to squeeze in some tv time.

Some new episodes of G*ossip Girl and ANTM Cycle 11.

Cos i'm a groupie like dat u know.

While the nights have been dedicated to worship.

The days are spent cleaning etc, etc ESPECIALLY since...


So yes, it feels like a throwback to my undergraduate days.

Cos im washing the clothes by hand... >______<

So now...back to B*everly H*ills 9*0210!

Have a gd iftar!