Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hmmm...what do i write?

I've been pretty tired the past few days.

Lack of sleep really.

I simply can't wait for the weekend.

Catching up on sleep is a luxury these days.

I think i 'over' enjoyed my sleeptime over the last September school holidays and when school re-opened (esp. during Ramadhan) it was pretty tough.

Term 4 is never fun when you go back to school.

Be it for students OR teachers.

While the students have to worry about the exams, the teachers are busy setting exam papers, vetting them, trying to cover the syllabus, marking the papers, etc, etc.

The list is not exhaustive.

This being my first year as a so-called fledgeling teacher, i've been consumed by the hours spent sitting and just doing nothing else but mark.

I'm sure you've all probably read many, many, many, many times about the marking.

Cos really, it just exhausts all your energy.

I wish that there would be MCQ for General Paper.

*wishful thinking*

But yes i do enjoy the teaching part.

Save for the annoying and uncooperative students at times.

But overall its good.

I really-really hope that when i go to N-IE i'll be properly equipped with all the necessary pedagogical skills to carry out a more effective lesson in the future.

As a reflection over the past 2 months or so that i've taught, i realise that in order to teach a class, you need to manage it well.

I realise that i've been a bit too lenient at the beginning and now i'm paying the price for my generosity.

The next time i go for practicum, i WILL lay down a more comprehensive and firm approach to my class.

That way they know what to expect and i'll have less problems worrying about how i'll be able to finish the syllabus on time.

Now that im in the home stretch and with the GP promotional exam is over, i'll have to set my sights on Project Work yet again.

PW; the bane of my existance.

Has been since i was a student and still is as a teacher.

No doubt it has its merits, i feel that it burdens the student too much especially with a heavier courseload compared to my time.

Hope they do away with it soon.

Its really doesnt help a majority of the students.

Only adds up to the courseload.

But what i do appreciate is that its on a coursework basis.

If more of the subjects were coursework basis, i don't think it would be too much of a hassle, as many of us in university went through.

One more week of Ramadhan.

Have you made the most of yours yet?

There's still time.

InsyaAllah, we will achieve what we've set for ourselves this time round.

Happy Fasting!