Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quick Update.

Just a quick one before i start prepping for iftar.

Today is the mom's birthday.

I have completely no. idea. of. what. to. get. her.

Blame it on the fact that she has everything?


I had the same problem last yr, but resolved it by getting her T*angs Vouchers.

But i can't possibly do the same for this year right?

And no, M*etro vouchers would mean that i would ADD to her already larger stash of M*etro vouchers that she already has.

She IS the queen of vouchers after all.

If only we had S*AKS, B*endels, or H*arvey Nichols.

So this yr its just a low key celebration for mommy dearest.

*if i can pay off my laptop loan to her dah bagus...NOT to mention my Education loan from her huahua*

So it will be a fuss free iftar for her and a yummy S*wensens ice-cream black forest cake for dessert

So yes,

Happy Birthday Mama...for EVERYTHING that you've done for ALL of us. No one has that much grit and determination as you do and i could only hope to be as good as you, both in my personal life as well as my working life (cos i've taken after her teaching genes)

We LOVE you many-many!