Friday, August 15, 2008


Yes, sometimes I feel really guilty.

I have evil thoughts running through my mind.

I shouldn't even be thinking about it.


I've been sooo tired and soooo lazy to wake up for school!

I think it must be the fact that i had an extremely long weekend and spent EVERY single day out.

From National Day, the Day After National Day (a.k.a Adam's Birthday) to Monday (school holiday)

I went to watch the National Day Parade at the Esplanade.

I was feeling lousy and once i arrived at City Hall and saw the GINORMOUS crowd i felt like going back on the train and going back to Yishun.

And then i had to "chope" places for the gerls and there were sooo many pple that were clamouring for our spot.

And then it started to RAIN!!!

Thankfully it wasnt a heavy downpour.

But things started to look up once the rest of the gerls arrived to join me and Kha.

And things got even better when we were united with Shasha, Darwis and Seri.

And it got even merrier when Dewi joined us! Hahaha...

Listening to her re-tell her "toilet" story to Aisyah Spec and Kha was priceless.

We were in TEARSSSS laughing!

Coupled with the "helmet terbalik" story courtesy of Suli made the night a joyous occasion.

We went to Kampung Glam Cafe for supper and it was fully paid for by Maman, Kha's brother who joined us later that night.


Better yet, I got a lift from Kha and her bro by CAB!! Yeayyyyy! :D

So the day that started out like CRAP ended up to be a really great time.

Thanks girls for making it a memorable night.

Our first National Day together back Home *where i beloooonnnng....*

Love you lots!

Pics coming up soon!