Tuesday, November 22, 2005

To watch out for...

24th January 2006...the date that i've waited for a whole decade! The Backstreet Boys are FINALLY coming to town!

I can already feel myself hyperventilating. I am going. Thats it. I won't take no for an answer. I am going to Suntec Convention Hall to watch them live! Front row. Nothing less.

I remember pleading and crying to my parents to let me go to the midnight album launch of Millenium. My mother said yes; on the condition that I will not be able to see them if they ever come to singapore and perform live in concert.

I kept true to that promise and ended up NOT going to the album launch *which i sobbed dearly about for the next few weeks*

Now that the day is finally here, I will not give up this chance of a lifetime.

Call me a groupie or a fanatic; I DON'T CARE!

10 years. I thought the day would never come. I can't believe i've actually waited a whole decade. But then again, I'm so glad i waited!!!

*tak sia-sia aku simpan itu BSB posters berfile-file, sampai berhabuk!*


Now that's what Backstreet's Back truly means.