Tuesday, November 29, 2005

That was refreshing...

after a long drought (esp from me when its the holidays) of non-blogging activity...

seriously, you should go online more often. then i can chat my time away. u made time go faster (thank god...cant wait for my headbanging session in the bus).

Pillow fights and mistaken identities. Geez...i had to chuckle quietly at my desk...or risk the employers of this fine company to think that im a nutcase.

Dun worry...i don't think i'll mistake you for someone...uniquely achit...heheheheeee


On another note. Exam results out oredi.

A bit disappointed with the outcome. Especially for journalism.

I. am. so. not. happy. with. the. grade. given. to. me.

*sembarang lah this lecturer. he's so vague about everything...gonna appeal for rechecking*

Other than that...i am happy to say i got the A i wanted for leadership & management. Thank you so much guys! I really had fun working on the same team! Hope you're all as pleased about the outcome as i am.

i also have to say all that hard studying for fiqh sirah paid off...managed to pull off a B (as compared to all the C's i've gotten for all the other IRK subjs)...Alhamdullillah...im very grateful. I don't think i really had a problem with the subject. Its prolly becos i had a deep interest in the subj.

*once a history freak always a history freak*


and the countdown begins...

4 more days till i return to KL.

the reluctant vagabond once more, i become...

*although there is the floorball camp to look forward to. Bukit Jalil Sports School here i come!*