Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I sit here in front of my brand new pc at werk (well i say new cos its been upgraded frm the previous model when i used to work here) with Cameron Diaz looking at me. Its so unnerving to have her stare at me.

Relax. Its just a cardboard version of Ms. Diaz. S**********r decided to have a cut out of her to promote the upcoming DnD. Apparently its Espionage Nite. Wonder what people will go dressed up like...

Another cold blustery day in singapore...called ms tijah up last night and she safely arrived in KL last night with her sis, Bibi, in tow. I miss her dearly...wonder what she'll be up to when her sis is busy with orientations and stuff.

I had so many things to write about last night but it all went -poof-

Oh now i remember.

i just have to get this out. Apparently this instituition has been a breeding ground for cuties

-well the kinds i like anyway-

tinggi, besar and hemsem...esp those born in 1984. Hari tu jalan raya pas tu nampak this one guy...cair beb, cair! It was eye candy galore. I don't think i could have taken my eyes off of him the whole time.

*dream on suckerrr*

wait till i get thorpie on my lap. I will be the happiest woman alive i tell u.

Taufiq insinuated that its time for me to get a boyfriend...let me get my head screwed on straight then u go find me one lah k Fiq?

Bhavie's coming hoooommmmeeeee! She' s been gone in Aussie for far too long. I want to see her this weekend...she'd better come to the open house i did specially for her.

Oh darn, there's a meeting tomorrow and then have to go all the way to tampines to see my darling kak ct. tomorrow i promise u kak ct we take picture many-many becos i have officially hijacked the digicam.

On the agenda today, gi rumah Kak D and finally take a look at her bersanding pics. I think its taken me 4 months to just make the effort to go to her place. If not for Raya then I don't think I'd be able to look at her gorgeous pics.

2nd day of Puasa ganti plus puasa 6. InsyaAllah takder halangan untuk menjalankan puasa hari ni...amin.

To my gerlfrens: See ya this weekend! *hums: tak tahan lagiii*...

To those still slaving over their exams, keep with it. It's gonna be over in just a bit! All the best!