Friday, November 25, 2005

And that's the way it goes...

Talked to one of my younger cousins yday to ask abt his PSLE results. Alhamdullillah, he did well. So did my other cuz.

-semua dah selamat dah, amin-

And yes monkey's unkle; that's my dad...granted that he was pretty pooped at the time we were taking that picture. Dat's why he looked like, sembarang like that, thus displaying his happy belly.

*you know him eh? *

Was so tired last night that i slept at 11pm (or thereabouts lah). The earliest i've slept this whole holiday period. Work pretty much saps a lot of my energy, even if im not doing much. But come month end i 'll probably be quite bz.

Its confirmed. Results will come out on the 28th Nov.2005 InsyaAllah. I wish you guys all the best.

Probably won't be much updates during the weekend cos of the open house and jalan raya saturday and sunday respectively.

Till then.