Thursday, November 10, 2005


I've noticed that a lot of people are taking a loooooonnnngggg time to get back into their blogging modes.

Korang tak habes beraya lagi ke?

Okay, granted that some people are bz with exams but what happened to the rest?

On my current "miss list":

1)Hartijah or affectionately known as TEEJ(my longtime roomie)

2)my two other roomies

3)the ability to call and make plans with my gerls (not possible since many are in EXAM mode...pfft)

4)strangely enough i miss my hang out spot in campus.

5)and last but not least, boy watching in school *cue dreamy sigh*

Haven't been out much these past few days.Not even raya-ing with my friends. Jalan raya with my gerlfrens postponed till the 26th or 27th (after all their exams) so the one thing to look forward to is the jalan raya which will resume this weekend.

*crosses fingers that my family will make our way to my uncle's place so i can take a look at the laptop that i was promised...yayness*

A few invites this weekend...don't know whether i'll be able to make it or not...

By the way, have you people noticed the trailer for that new Channel 5 drama entitled 'Lifeline'?

What is it with Gurmit Singh that makes it so wrong for him to be in that show? I think a haircut is not gonna help people...

Hums *put the lime in the Coke u nut...*

Annoying but somehow catchy...thanks to the little annoying little brat that i love.

And my favourite diamond...the one in the Soo Kee advert...that is one hell of a ROCK...can i have one? pWeeety please?