Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Like the title reads...yesterday i went on my rounds of visiting...with my uni mates that is. And i still haven't gone to the seniors houses yet. gttg a headache just thinking about it.

We started off early in the morning...9 friggin' in the morning okay! So that meant that I had to get up at least 2 hours in advance to shower and primp in order to get to the meeting point in time. Sheesh...i didn't even get ready at 7am on the ferst day.

But the event was well organized thanks to the people in charge
*thanks aisyah spec, shasha and hafiz - you guys made it all worthwhile!*

We got to the ferst house bright and early at ard 9.30am in cck...had breakfast...on the menu, mee hoon goreng, fishball in sambal, fried chicken wings, epok-epok and samosa...yum...sedaaapppp you all!

Next area we hit was woodlands...makan again! Wah wah...on the menu: mee hoon goreng. Next house, makan again. This time it was nuggets and fries! Then off we went to hougang for more fries!

Thank god for the change in menu to fries cos the next house, you guessed it...mee hoon awaited us in bedok reservoir.

*dah plak itu lift accepted a maximum of 5 people only. lift dah nazak lah katakan hhehehehe*

after bedok, we went to pasir ris to zaleha's house for mee siam...(mee hoon berkuah *mee hoon lagi*)

and then at the next 3 houses we were greeted by mee siam, mee hoon and mee hoon *all in order of visit*

Pengsaaaaannnn...luckily at the last house we were treated to some dessert of ice-cream and ferrero rochers galore
So after much gorging on mee hoon, i have decided to go on a break of mee hoon for the next month or so. I will go sick at the sight of mee hoon if i ever come across it again in the next few weeks
Peekchures will have to wait 'cos i didn't have my digicam with me courtesy of my sis *bluek*
So its all down to the rest lah for photos.
Patience is advised.

p/s: abg sofian has the most gorgeous and adorable looking niece eva! And the pictures don't do her an ounce of justice at all. i want to keep her all to myself!!!

To be continued...