Thursday, November 24, 2005

And so i thought...

I had to miss classes just to go to that Backstreet Boys concert. I...mean not that i minded anyway.

But what luck! The concert falls in the week that i have my inter-semestral vacation! Brilliant news! I am so ecstatic!

Thank you to the Almighty who seems to have been very generous to me lately.

*silent prayer*

-note to self: study extra hard for the mid-terms and then boogie down to the BSB! yipeee!-

By the way, my parents still don't know.

I can't afford the VIP seats unfortunately *unless of course some kind soul decides to sponsor me or i come into a very large inheritance* cos it will burn a hole in my almost empty pockets (SGD250!!! SIAPA NAK LAYAN!?)

Anyway, I'll settle for SGD160 seats. Not so bad. Thank God for the temp job im holding now. Alhamdullillah.