Friday, November 18, 2005

It's getting really boring around here...

I've been offered a job at my old workplace. Yes. The thought of making money for this next 2 weeks just brings tears to my eyes.

Love it. And the pay's not bad either. Travelling expenses covered pretty much. The only thing deducted will be for CPF which isn't at all bad is it? Wheeee...things are really looking up somehow.

I hope this good streak continues all the way into the 2nd semester.

Which reminds me, EXAM RESULTS are friggin' around the corner!

It's worse thinking about the results than taking the exam.

Saw my CA marks. Not so bad. But the only results that have been released for CA have been my core modules. None from my minor modules have come up on the screen. Worrying big time for Fiqh Sirah and Method's Of Da'wah.

At least I have my temp job to tide my anxiety over. Thank Goodness.

The ELITES i hope won't make bog me down with work. Still wondering how i'm going to make it through the next semester with new responsiblities, although i know that it will look pretty darn good in my CV.

I miss my Tijah. Haiz...she's changed her Bruneian number so I can't even sms her. Truly miss her. Missing the times we bitch about stuff in our room.

Oi! When you coming back to singapore for a visit!? Think of the endless shopping!

Well, gtg now. Getting pretty bored now. And tomorrow...I resume jalan raya AGAIN! With my family of course. This is so tiring. And these houses i cannot miss. They're my aunts and uncles! Cannot miss! Wait tak dpt duit raya! Hehehehe...