Friday, October 23, 2009

My Trip to S*ephora @ I*on

Before i start i just want to say how excited i am to have changed my web browser! Hahah.

If u take a look at the picture below, my web browser is gaily decorated with pink flowers! =))
Check it out on the new M*ozilla updates!

Ok so for those who follow me on my t*witter, i did promise you a review on the T*oo Faced S*hadow Insurance. So here it is!

Priced at SGD28 it is a steal! What this product does is that its like a primer for your lids. It keeps the the eyeshadows on ur eyes and helps it to stick to your lids for hours.

I tried it out on Wednesday. Wore a little eyeshadow to sch, a light brown as a base and contoured the sockets with a darker brown colour.

I had a date with my girlfriends which is why i went the extra mile with the makeup heheh.

Anyway, i periodically checked on the eye makeup and this product proved its worth!

All the rave reviews (esp. by M*akeup Geek who i follow religiously on Y*outube) have proven to be true.

This product is especially great for those with oily eyelids and perfect for application using matte eyeshadows.
For more pigmented or shimmery colours, you can still apply the product but use it a little sparingly i guess, making sure that you put it all over the eye area.

I think for SGD28 it gives you bang for your buck!

It comes in a little green tube and you'll have to remember to shake the tube first to get all the contents mixed first.

I didn't do that for mine and when i first pressed the tube, some of the oil seeped out.

So i impress upon you to give it a little shake first!

That wasn't my only purchase at I*on's new S*ephora.

I also purchased....

my second camouflage palatte!

This is M*ake Up For Ever's concealer palatte in No. 3.

They didn't carry No. 1 apparently.

So this was to replace my almost empty palatte that i first purchased in KL back in June.

Its lasted me a gd. 4 months which isn't too bad.

I especially like the creamy consistency that it has. Its not too oily either especially for my skin which gets a little greasy after a while.

The shade to conceal my dark undereye circles are fabulous.

I swear they do wonders for you especially after you've had a really long night mugging through an assignment.

It makes you look a little more human.

It also conceals blemishes well and for someone who has a LOT of blemishes let me just say it works pretty darn good.

With the different shades, you can mix it so that you get the right coverage you want.

here are the 5 colours in palatte No. 3

It's priced at SGD58 and its a little pricey but i would say it is REALLY worth it.

I'm still waiting on my Elizabeth A*rden travel palatte.

Will do another review for that when i get it


p/s: i think i've found my hobby. collecting makeup! haha