Thursday, October 01, 2009

At Long Last...

*blows cobwebs*

Yes i have been gone a long time haven't i.

Practicum was just WAY too draining to even sit down to compose a post.

Now that i'm back in N*IE, its a little better.

So first things first, Eid Mubarak 1430h!

Even though i'm a little behind time.

Its been about 2 weeks since the 1st of Syawal.

It's been a trying time for my family this year.

One with loads of trials and tribulations.

InsyaAllah it will be resolved.

God is Great. MasyaAllah.

And since the last time i wrote, i think i pretty much established that we are finally a couple.

*happy dance*

Had a GREAT date yesterday. Despite me missing a chunk of tooth.

Now that's another story altogether.

But today what really got me excited was the fact that i RE-organised all my makeup!

All properly stashed away in proper containers and small pouches.

Yes i can be organised when i WANT to.

I actually took an inventory of all the makeup that i have.

Complete with all descriptions of most of the colours that i have.

I can't even believe i have THIS much makeup!

But i'm so proud of my organization skills! Ahakz!

So when my DK called to tell me he was taking half the day off, i said

"YES! i can go to D*aiso to buy containers and boxes to organize my makeup!"




my cheek colour collection

my eyeshadow collection

at the beginning of the organizing exercise

this black container with its individual separators only cost me SGD2 @ D*aiso

my 6-shade contouring palatte from

10-shade pro-blush palatte from

this white container with separators also came from D*aiso! It stores my Ardell Eyelashes and the Glue! Plus my kabuki brush that im retiring for awhile.

This cheek colour, Noble actually replaces one of my broken to pieces blush from M*A. C. called Ablaze (since it is no longer in production)

This clear zip-lock pouch came from W*atsons where i purchased the 3M A*cne Patch.
Recycling people! Show your love for Gaia!

I am absolutely in LOVE with this quintet. The colour isn't that fantastic on camera but the colours are so super pigmented that it stays on ur lids for HOURS! Just remember to put on a base! e.g, T*oo Faced Shadow Insurance

This pouch stores...

Lipsticks, eyeliners, concealer sticks etc. etc. etc.

This box contains all the empty bottles/containers used for travel and some hotel shower gels and soaps knicked from our travels abroad.

Top deck: This is how it looks like now

2nd deck: Brushes, facial products etc.

Last deck: miscellaneous items, body butter and palattes

The rack i got from I*kea @ SGD29 if im not mistaken.

Hope u loiked it!