Thursday, October 08, 2009


Hmm i guess i must be still trying to get into the groove of blogging again.

But im having so many problems, on the technical side.

The wire to my laptop adapter has frayed so as i sit here typing with one hand, the other hand is holding it together so that i can charge the friggin' laptop.

Just my luck.

Called up the laptop company to purchase a new adapter BUT its still making its way to S*ingapore.


And the timing couldn't be WORSE!

Just when i have so many assignments coming up and due.

Plus presentations.


Anyhow i will continue with my blogging endeavours however slow i may be these days.

I must blog about my wisdom tooth. Specifically the one at the bottom right.

Because the tooth had no space, it wasn't aligned properly cos it was getting pretty crowded back there.

So tooth came out but still not fully exposed and thus a flap between the gum and tooth was there.

The gum became so tender during the 1st weekend of hari raya that i was in sooo much pain.

I couldn't sleep through the night.

Half my face was swollen.

That's when i couldn't take it anymore and decided to remove the offending tooth.

It cost me almost an arm and a leg JUST to remove ONE tooth.

more specifically...$590.60.

About as expensive as my P*rada bag.

So effin' expensive.

But at least i got a 5 day MC.


stitches are also out and im so happy that im not in pain!


Ahakz. oh well. now back to assignments....