Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello World.

Now that im slowly beginning to blog again, i can't believe that there have been so many mishaps that happened last week.

Thus diminishing my time to blog.

But i guess with those mishaps i actually have something to blog about! heh.

So last monday i went back to school after a whole week of mc.

Needless to say, i was way behind work.

i MISSED a deadline.

*now this was a complete shocker cos I've NEVER missed a deadline before!*

not to mention my stupid laptop adapter has finally decided to give up on me.

so much work to be done.

and i had NO choice but to resort to the home PC which is unbelievably slow, M*s Office not updated at all...sigh...

so many things that could have gone wrong went wrong.

so last week i was doing 4 assignments (did i hear myself right? 4 assignments)

all on this old PC.

Thank God its still working.

I also got a little lost in S*engkang.

Took the lrt from R*enjong and wanted to get to R*umbia.

Was supposed to get down at S*engkang but didnt noe i had to so i went the whole R*enjong loop again.

*slaps forehead*

so after doing homework on friday and saturday, (even waking up early on sunday morning to complete my remaining work), i treated myself to a well-deserved date on sunday!

With who else but the Samirians and my bf.


Things finally looked up at the end of the week. Which completely made my week!

visit the Samirians website!

-rockin' this! & the man too!-

-fave couple #1-
lisa & yas (my A.I.S.S jr. , small world coincidence!)

-fave couple #2-
sali & bek

-all the choppers lined up in a row for our Deepavali charity ride-

-cruisin' down Orchard Rd.-

-minah rempit a.k.a mimi-

-me & the adek-beradek-
mimi & sali

-me and sali-

-firdaus who is also my father's colleague...small world-
>________< -me & liza-
knew her prior to Samirians...small world again.

-me & lisa!-

-3 pretty babes-
mimi, lisa and mel

-i adore this pic!-