Monday, October 15, 2007


Like some i'm unhappy.


Cos i JUST realised like a few minutes ago that my pic that was taken at my grandparents place did not have ME in it!

Boooooo hooooo...

And now i have NO gambar raya of that particular baju.

Darn. suay.

Anyway, i think its fitting that this is the 4ooth post.

Cos i just want to say that I, Maryam Mohammad Sesth, had to take the EPT (that is the english proficiency test for those of you not in the know) today.

Yes, Maryam Mohammad Sesth, the English Graduate, had to sit for the NIE/NTU EPT in order to be considered for a teaching post.

Go figure!

So yes, i came back at around 4.30pm after sitting for a whole day of testing.


*it really does insult my intelligence to be treated this way...hmmmpppfff*

But anyway, i had a bit of a leg up on the listening comprehension section.

It was a passage about "Introduction To Language".

Hohohoho...and truly enough i could answer one question without even listening to the passage.

So that means out of a hundred questions, im guaranteed ONE correct answer.


Honestly, i'm like dead tired!

I have been baking biscuits and cookies and i smell like cookie dough.

I've also been busy baking cakes (where i still gladly accept orders, SGD25 for a 1-1.5kg moist choc cake).

One truly satisfied customer is Nurul Khasanah Binte Agost.

Pls ask her if u are not convinced heheh.

So besides smelling like cake mixture and cookie dough, i also smell of paint fumes.

Yeah i FINALLY managed to finish off the last few bits on the wall, those tricky corners. And mind you, i had to do it ALONE.

Yes, i have been a one man show for the past few months. Especially during THIS particular Ramadhan.

Alhamdullillah, our family did not miss a single sahur session. Amin.

So now i want to wish all my Muslim friends in singapore and abroad a very merry Eid.

Eid Mubarak to all of you.

If i have in any way hurt your feelings or have been harsh and rude towards you, please forgive me. For I am only a human being. With that said:

To Err is Human, To Forgive; Divine.