Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pardon Me.

Pardon me for the lack of updates.

I have been f***ing knackered beyond belief.

Ooops. Excuse my french.

I've been temping at ITE HQ at Dover.

So that means that i have to get up even earlier and travel all the way to the West side of the island.

And i hate to say this but i am your typical kiasu Singaporean.

I will practically RUN for an empty seat.

Cmon. If you had to travel from yishun to jurong east interchange WOULD you stand?

And my bedtime has consistently gotten earlier and earlier.

And sometimes i feel like there are heavy weights on my eyes when im in the office.

What with the airconditioning at a very nice and comfortable setting which is VERY conducive for sleeping.

So yes.

I will make rare appeareances on this very dusty blog until the next month.

So toodles now cos the bed is calling.


p.s.: i passed my ept!