Tuesday, May 29, 2007


the song i uploaded (katharine mcphee's over it), actually came before the actual incident.


how's that for spooky. did i predict this was going to happen on some subconcious level?

who knows?

Thank YOU for the concerned email.

I didn't want to tell you this happened becos of all the things i mentioned in the email.

Yes, my eyes are swollen.

A mixture of sleeplessness + crying + studying for my Arabic midterm.

Don't worry.

I've weathered worse things in life.

This is nothing.

I know i'll have the last laugh in the end.

That wasn't very nice of you to have said all those things to me. You're accusations are really unfair. But don't worry, i won't harbour any ill-feeling towards you

I really don't have time to deal with this.

I have an assignment due next week, a final exam next week as well and my final papers are in less than 2 weeks time.

Please God, give me the strength so that i can pull through this tough time. Amin.

This weekend's trip back home will be bittersweet.

My parents will be leaving for their umrah.

Something that struck me when my father mentioned this last saturday:

this pilgrimage ur mother and i are taking has many lessons which you can learn from. The most important lesson of all is that your parents won't always be around with you. This is the time that you learn to conduct yourselves with your brothers and sisters.

It rings true.

I'm going to miss them. A lot.

But i know that they'll pray for me when i have to take my final two papers.

I pray for your safe journey to the Holy Land, and your safe return to the arms of your family. Amin.