Sunday, September 02, 2007


Sorry for the long absence. Its just been crazy and tiring.
A lot of unexpected things happened last week.
With one of them being me going back to singapore only on a thursday on an executive coach
(which cost me a friggin' RM60)

Well its not so bad considering i got to sleep all the way from KL to Yong Peng. That's like more than a 3 hr nap.

So really.
I'm not complaining.

Save for the fact the the weather was extreme.
It was scorching hot one minute then pouring like it never rained for months.

So how was the convocation like you ask?

It was awesome with a capital A!
I'll just let the rest of the pics do the talking for me.

Me & my singaporean mates

zafirah & me.
hey! we did it girl!

thanks for all the times u let me bunk at your place during exams! :D
love u suli! <3

me & my chuffed parents

'cos im always going to be daddy's girl! :D

this is becos adam took the best pic so it deserves to go here, hehe.

I daresay that this is the proudest moment in my life!

All the tears and the slogging and the commuting.

It was all worth it.

It wouldn't be complete without my supportive grandparents that have seen me through my dengue fever, my food poisoning and fever moments.

Thankfully they saw me through all those times. I wouldn't have gotten through it were it not for them.

And of course my rascal of a brother. For always making "my-blood-go-upstairs".


Anyway, most of my pics will go up on my multiply soon. So keep reading yeah.

For all the times that i thought i wouldn't survive.

Thank you Allah for blessing me with the best parents ever.