Monday, June 01, 2009

Peek-ture OVERLOAD!

Mark, Apam, DK

another fave couple of mine; Yas and Lisa
very cute couple they make =)

us again

orang-orang lapar

one of my fave pics

i love how this shot turned out. PERFECT!


waiting behind the feathered fan

this pic turned out pretty good too

the serious looking groom

DK's ride

big bikes lined up in a pretty row

MellyJane and Lisa Aure

cute righttt =)

DK super happy and doing a Beyonce for the camera

Me posing with S*eoul Garden chopsticks. *can i get a deal out of this? heheh*

us @ S*eoul Garden

us @ Bek's wedding =)

loving my oversized sunnies!
(and the hunk next to me too)