Monday, July 13, 2009

Back! Again.

More updates since i last left this dusty blog.

I realise i have been rather neglectful.

My poor baby

*coddles Blog*

Anyways, i last left off with me completely neglecting the curfew.

Ok not by choice really but by circumstance.

It was a nice Saturday afternn about 3 weeks back,

It was supposed to be a recce trip to D*esaru.

Yes we did go to D*esaru in case you haven't noticed the numerous pics i posted up on FB.

And by WE i mean us, and another 2 couples.

I'm quite sure you're all up to speed already.

So we went and had a realllllllyyyyyy lovely time there.

Took lots of photos washed in sunset pinks and blues.

It was gorgeous!

By the time all the important stuff was done, we left D*esaru at around 8pm.

Reached JB around 9.30pm close to 10pm where we headed to P*andan City so that the not-so-newly-weds could do their grocery shopping.

Anyway, by the time they completed their shopping it was 11.30pm.

And we all hadn't had dinner.

Another short drive to S*enibong, and had supper @12midnight.

Curfew is 12midnight by the way.

*kinda like U*ia*

By the time we were done with dinner, it was already 1.30am...close to 2am.

Rented car STILL had not been washed and filled with petrol yet.

When all that was done, it was already 2.30am.

And as usual, there was a jam on the C*auseway!

-All this while we were having our own M*ichael J*ackson memorial by playing M*J's greatest hits DVD on the DVD player in the car-

So I EVENTUALLY made it home at FOUR A.M!!!


Luckily never kene nagging or scolding that was too bad by the parents.

Hee hee.

*thanking God!*