Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy =)

Seriously happy.

Because WE will move forward together.

I really hope this works out =)

Cos ILY and i'm glad that it was you and no one else.

Earlier i remember sharing with A*zimah how i worried that we hadn't fought before.

We barely squabble as it is, just irritated with one another at times but that's about it.

And i really was starting to get concerned how we hadn't had a fight.

Now i'm counting my blessings.

Cos there isn't anything to fight about.

And for good cause, cos one of our biggest obstacles together is his brother's accident.

And i'm glad i can be there for him.

I'm happy that i can stand by him and his whole family

(plus his extended family - whom i have made good friends with =D))

And i'm glad we're learning.

ILY and i hope you know that.


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