Sunday, April 11, 2010


Yes, i turned 26 on the 8th.

With some fanfare and excitement.

My corny but oh so adorably sweet bf gave me the best surprise.

He came up with all this crap and nonsense about needing my help and asked me to get ready in 20mins.

So the man arrived (and of course i hear his bike before he actually calls me)

And i think,

"OMG does he REALLLY think i'm gg to fall for this surprise nonsense?"

So i arrive downstairs and he said that he got into a bike accident.

Considering that his brother got into one, I was pretty wary.

He did show me his stiff left arm.

I swear my heart dropped.

I thought he fell and fractured it.

Then he was going on and on about something on his bike that broke and he asked me to check it out.

Now of course at this point I was thinking:

"Is he for real?"

I was STILL pretty suspicious.

And lo and behold, there was a small paper bag with my present in it.

I just grinned.

I almost broke into tears.

Never had a man to do such corny and sweet stuff for me before on the eve of my bday.

Got a nice dinner bag, a bracelet and a brooch.

i LOVE the bracelet *the most of course*


You are the real deal.


even MORE now.


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Ophelia said...

Wao what a lovely man. Enjoy yourselves though I know this is not a current posting, I can still wish you a belated birthday.