Wednesday, October 19, 2005

All's Not Well...

This year alone i've had diarrheoa thrice...the first putting me out for almost one week. The second time was last week. The Singapore students assoc. ordered food from one of the hostels which do catering and their food gave many of us stomach pains and diarrheoa. The third time being today. My energy is wiped out. I'm so dehydrated and my stomach still makes funny noises and it hurts. I'm suspecting it was the nasi kandar i had yesterday for iftar.

Other than that, my exams will commence on friday. And i am nowhere near prepared. I'm so scared shitless. 2 novels that i haven't had time to finish and victorian poets. Why of all things victorian poets? I am so not prepared!!!

On a lighter note, my leadership and management exam went very well. I was so pleased and chuffed by the efforts made by all the other team members. I've never enjoyed working in a group until i met them. They are certainly a cut above the rest. THANK YOU GUYS for making the experience worthwhile!

We entered the room all jittery and nervous wrecks. Who wouldn't when you have to present a proposal to a panel of 5 individuals? Our presentation went rather smoothly. Me, of all people had to do the introduction. I was sooo nervous i could feel my stomach turning somersaults. When I started off, i was a bit shaky but soon after i regained my composure and i felt better afterwards(once i finished, my ears were burning!).

Everyone did great despite their nervousness. And the best part was when my groupmate Yusuf tied up all the strings with the conclusion. He did it very beautifully. And when the panel started off with their comments, we were all grinning like fools.

They were simply blown away by the visual aids, even though it was just mahjong paper (cos no power point presentations are allowed for some reason)and they outrightly said that our proposal was very good and much better compared to the other 2 groups. I was beaming on the inside! They said we did very well with the presentation and they were so impressed with our effort especially with all the visual aids. Our group really deserved it. We all put in a lot of effort and I will be surprised if all of us don't do well.

Missing my group mates already (not to mention they're not even from my faculty. all of them are engineering students with me as the odd one out)!

Meanwhile, I'm missing all things singapore. The dengdeng, the takoyaki, the air kathira and the all the other sedap foods! Suddenly im having a hankering for kachang phool and laksa singapore! Less than 2 weeks to go!!! And less than 2 days to shop at Geylang!

And yes Taufiq sorry i missed out on the greetings the previous two posts, so here goes:

Thanks for being one of my bestest friends ever. Almost a year has passed and i'm truly blessed by your friendship. Must go jalan² with me to Geylang when i get back k?! And don't buih!

p/s: All the best for you exams dude!

With that,